Computer Repair for SMB's

Everyone hates when their computer doesn't work. We Make IT Better

Why Silverbacks Media?

We understand how it feels to be in a fog about your technology. We have helped hundreds of clients gain the confidence to invest in the right equipment at the right price and set this equipment up to consistently get the job done.

Using our sound approach, we setup a lean, reliable network environment so you to can stop worrying about your technology, understand IT and even be proud of IT!

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Everyone hates when their Computers,Printers,Networks,Backups,Tech won't work.
We "Make your Computers Better,your Printers Better,your Networks Better,your Backups Better,your IT Better!"

With today's technology more connected than ever, the majority of the time these issues are not even with the computer itself. With the introduction of cloud computing (mostly Office365) these simple computer issues bring in a whole new set of confusing problems.

The most frustrating part is when you spend your time contacting all possible faults of the current issue and you end up more confused than when you started. The unfortunate truth about Cloud Computing is the huge amount of variables that can be your issue are easily cast off and they easily hide behind, "it isn't us, check them".

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At Silverbacks Media we untangle this web of blame and get you back to work as quickly as possible. We help you understand what the issues were, how we can prevent them and we look for any way we can prevent and streamline your work-flow processes. We want to reduce your redundancies, we will learn your processes so we can utilize what you need and to keep these problems from reoccurring. In other words, we keep your business cranking.

Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

If you're still, consistently having issues with your IT, by all means and without hesitation give us a call or even set up a convenient call-back to regain your confidence in your technologies.

Your path to IT bliss all starts with a phonecall. We look forward to meeting with you and alleviating your worries with your business tech. From your Keyboard to the Cloud, We make your IT Better.

Truly Sound IT Plans

3 steps to a "Truly Sound IT Plan", you too can be worry-free with your IT
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An exploratory meeting designed to clarify and understand your unique tech concerns, needs and goals.

Get A Sound IT Plan

Develop a sound IT Plan

You'll receive a comprehensive bulletproof plan to meet your needs and streamline your technology work-flows

Get A Sound IT Plan

Launch to the next level

Bask in the glory of such a well oiled Business Machine as you reach your business goals powered by IT Bliss